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Social 705 Packages

As one of the top beauty treatment clinics in town, Social 705 Beauty Bar offers a wide range of top of the line products and services at affordable prices. Whether you know exactly what you want, or need a bit of help from our beauty treatment specialists, there’s something in store for everyone. Get in touch today!


3 HydraFacial Treatments

Package Price: $425+Tax (Reg. $525+Tax)

HydraFacial + Venus Viva

1 HydraFacial Treatment + 2 Viva Treatments

Package Price: $540+Tax (Reg. $875+Tax)

Venus Viva

3 Venus Viva Treatments

Package Price (Range): $600-$1,000 + Tax (Reg. $1,350+Tax)

Acne IPL

6 ACNE IPL Treatments

Package Price: $420+Tax (Reg. $600+Tax)

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